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Powder Coating Frome

If you are looking for powder coating in Frome, let your search end with Max Colour Renovations Ltd. We can apply a range of protective treatments on all sorts of industrial metal structures including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, zinc coated steel and more. Our highly skilled and experienced team combined with our top-quality treatments and affordable rates, ensure you receive great value for money. Whatever your personal requirements or business timings are, we can offer efficient services at a time that suits you, causing minimal disturbance.

Whether you are based in Frome or are within a 15-mile radius, give us a call on 01373 229678 to book a treatment.

powder coating finish on alloy wheels

The Powder Coating Process

The powder coating process has four stages, including pre-treatment, drying, powder application and curing. The process offers homeowners, businesses and industries durable and affordable industrial structure protection. The benefits of powder coating include making surfaces more resistant to scratches, chipping and general wear. Look below to see how we achieve this.


The pre-treatment involves the product being treated with chemicals to clean and prepare the surface so that the powder paint adheres properly.

iron rods having finishing touches
powder coating drying


Set at around 180 °C, the drying oven removes any moisture from pre-treated surfaces to prepare for powder paint treatment.

Powder Application

The powder application process combines automatic and manual methods to ensure a level powder film layer. First, we spray the powder evenly onto the component in a spray booth with electrostatic spray guns. Next, we manually coat any areas not reached by the automatic process. For a level application, automatic and manual techniques are computer controlled.

powder coated metal hanging up


After passing through an oven, powder coating components cure as the temperature rises to 180 °C for between 12 and 20 minutes. Throughout this final stage, the powder particles fuse together to create a consistent and even surface. However, if a primer coat is applied, pre-treatment is eliminated so topcoats are applied directly to primed components.

The Benefits Of Powder Coating

There is a vast range of benefits for getting powder coating on industrial metal structures including:

  • Highly adaptable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easily repeated
  • Concise colour matching
  • Attractive and even finish
  • Resistant to ultraviolet light
  • Long-lasting colour and gloss
  • Great electrical insulation capacity
  • Does not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • No risk of paint blistering, running, sagging or dripping
  • Large range of finishes – clear, plain, metallic or textured
  • Electrostatic powder method ensures full coverage – even on intricate designs
  • Suitable for use outdoors – great resistance to wear and UV rays
  • Resistant to abrasion, dents, fading, scratches, chips, grime and chemicals
  • Excellent chemical and mechanical performance – resists solvents, corrosion and acid etc
man powder coating iron rods

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For free quotes, get in touch with our team today. Our competent, experienced team and superior services combined with reasonable rates ensure great value for money.

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